Sticky Notes Sushi Set

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The Urban Hideout™ Sticky Notes Sushi Set is the perfect companion to write down reminders while adding a funky touch to your desk with its sushi-inspired design.

We tend to forget things often, and despite the many to-dos and note-taking apps, we stick (no pun intended) to post it notes to keep track of things. Eventually, we got sick of the standard square-shaped, coloured notes and wanted to use something a bit more quirky-looking – that’s when we came up with our sushi-inspired sticky notes.

Our set contains 4 blocks of 260 leaves for a total of 1040 sticky notes. Each block represents a different sushi: we have a salmon block, a tuna block, a shrimp block and an egg block, with the coloured leaves representing the fish and the white leave representing the rice.

Each leave has a strong adhesive on its long edge, which can be stuck on any surface such as your desk, computer, fridge and leaves no residue when removed. It can be used as reminder sticker, page label, bookmark, etc. A great office gift for a coworker or a friend!

Full specifications:

  • Package Width: 18cm – Height: 9cm – Thickness: 3cm – Weight: 900gr
  • One Block Width: 9cm – Height: 4.5cm – Thickness: 3cm – Weight: 225gr
  • 4 blocks of 260 leaves each, with 100 leaves in the coloured pattern and 160 in white.
  • Superior lithography printing on uncoated paper.
  • Pack contains a total of 1040 leaves.
  • Works with pencil, pen, sharpie.

UK Registered Design number 6015799

  1. Bea

    Nice look. Also quite sticky!

  2. Jo

    I love sushi so I love these!

  3. Jon

    They’re indeed really sticky and light enough to read anything written on it. A fun alternative to the traditional post-it notes.

  4. Clementine

    Lovely idea and execution.

  5. Jason

    I’m always writing down things! But I never really liked the look of the typical square sticky notes. These blocks are really great: well designed, quite sticky and still decorate my desk nicely.

  6. Alice

    Bought it for a co-worker who usually has cool things on his desk – he loves it!

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