Lap Desk Tray with Phone & Tablet Holder

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The Urban Hideout™ Lap Desk Tray offers an eco-friendly solution to work comfortably anywhere with your laptop and mouse while avoiding neck strain and back pain.

Like many of you, we got fed up with having to work on a heated laptop, uncomfortably, without a mouse and having to take our phone out of our pocket every time we need it. That’s when we decided to create an innovative laptop table to bring back comfort and productivity in mobile working. In addition to keeping the heat from your legs with its thick bamboo frame, our eco-friendly lapdesk prevents your laptop to overheat thanks to its 24 ventilation holes. It features a mousepad area using the highest quality of rubber composites and a large enough slot to hold almost any phones and tablets in portrait or landscape mode.

The board is made of Moso bamboo, a highly sustainable material as they are collected without harming the plants themselves, contrary to hardwood and still retain similar properties: strength and sturdiness. Each piece is polished and assembled using a high-level of craftsmanship to create an item of superior quality.

It is wide enough to hold pretty much any laptops with the mousepad area available to use. It’s also strong enough to carry around with your laptop and accessories on it.

This lapdesk tray brings back comfort to mobile working, whether you are on the couch, under your bed sheets or in an airport lounge. It’s light enough to take anywhere and become the perfect travel companion.

Full specifications:

  • Width: 56cm – Height: 28cm – Thickness: 1.5cm – Weight: 1.4-1.6kg
  • Laptop Max Width: 35cm (more will sit over some of the mouse pad board) – Holder Slot Width: 19cm
  • Laptop Compatible: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches so most MacBook Air, Macbook and MacBook Pro.
  • Tablet/PhoneCompatible: iPhone, Droid, HTC, Nexus, Samsung, Pixel, Sony, iPad mini, iPad, iPad Pro 9.7 inch, Surface Pro

UK Registered Design number 6015798

  1. Donna

    Very useful anywhere. The bamboo wood is great quality.

  2. Blake D

    I take this with me anywhere now: coffee shop, work, outside – the material strong and has a polished finish.

  3. Henry

    It works perfectly for my 13″ PC. It’s comfortable and sturdy.

  4. Jeanne

    I take it everywhere I go now. Nice finish!

  5. Beatrice

    Really love the lap desk – it’s comfortable and no heat comes to my legs while using it. The mouse pad is also very smooth and perfectly placed.

  6. Jean-Marie

    Works well with 13 and 15 inches laptops

  7. Bob

    Handy and solid piece

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