mouse-pad-stand-mat-phone-iphone-android-tablet-stand-holdermouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder
mouse pad stand mat phone iphone android tablet stand holder

The Mouse Pad & Stand

Bring comfort to your wrist with this stylish Mouse Pad & Stand, its elevated shape and polished frame, while keeping your phone and tablet screen in sight.
Material Moso Bamboo, Rubber Fiber
Dimensions 27cm x 22cm x 1.3cm
Weight 300g

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Take your work with you everywhere for maximum productivity by using the Mouse Pad & Stand. Offering a superior build-quality that's sure to be appreciated, the Mouse Pad & Stand is compatible with your choice of modern smartphone or tablet, and made to function with both Apple and Android devices so you can stay focused on completing your tasks while on the move.

Compact and discreet, the Mouse Pad & Stand is travel-ready and fits almost everywhere so you'll never be at a loss for accessing your most important files and data. Continue your work from any setting, using Urban Hideout's mouse pad and device stand that enable you to conquer your to-do list with just a few simple clicks of the Mouse.

In today's world of ever-increasing technological advances, it can often seem confusing to find the best ways for incorporating these new devices into our daily lives, but the Mouse Pad & Stand will help you achieve your goals with conventional features normally seen in a home office or workplace.

The sleek and durable mouse pad is made using Moso Bamboo for a friction-free glide surface, and rubber fiber that responds perfectly to the subtle motions of your preferred wireless mouse. Weighing in at just 300 grams, the Mouse Pad & Stand is designed with portability in mind, so you can easily store it in your bag or carry-case for quick and easy access. Don't let the limitations of touchscreens keep you from getting work done when the Mouse Pad & Stand offers a light and versatile alternative for moving more freely amongst your favorite portable devices.

The ultra-smooth groove found on the Mouse Pad & Stand is tailor-fitted for perfect visibility and screen angle, so you can more quickly navigate your smartphone or tablet without having to strain your neck or shift position. Made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, you can rest assured your mouse pad will stay firmly in place thanks to its non-slip design that is well-suited for a variety of surfaces.

There's also plenty of available area to work with, allowing you to freely move your wrist and mouse without unwanted obstruction. Developed from the very start with quality and convenience at the forefront, the Mouse Pad & Stand opens new opportunities for using your tablet or smartphone, either as a powerful workstation or even a makeshift speaker device on the go.

Enjoy streaming videos and movies straight from your device when you find yourself seated for long durations, helping you get through long flights and delayed meetings. You'll no longer be forced to sacrifice quality or functionality simply for using your tablet, thanks to the ease of use presented by Urban Hideout's ingenious design.

The elevated shape is positioned for optimal height, and its sleek surface projects elegance and professionalism anywhere you travel. Benefit from an abundance of room to work with and the mobility offered by a product you'll be delighted to use time and time again.

The list of premium features found on the Mouse Pad & Stand is quite extensive and includes such forward-thinking design concepts as:
  • - A wide groove insert that is fully capable of holding both wider tablets such as IPads or narrower Android smartphones.
  • - Full functionality with up-to-date smart devices, including those that feature both Android and Apple operating systems.
  • - Superior Moso Bamboo construction and Rubber Fiber surface.
  • - Lightweight, comfortable design that allows for easy travel and storage anywhere you go.
  • - Perfect dimensions of both height and length, allowing for a full range of motion that is free from restriction.
Work and play become much easier when you can use your compact devices the way you decide, opening new horizons for multi-tasking and enjoyment. Find brand-new ways to appreciate your smartphone or tablet you never knew existed, making it easier to browse folders or visit your favorite websites.

Get more from the time that would otherwise be wasted, bringing your workstation along on commutes or outings to your favorite local coffee shop. Why stay tethered to just a single work area, when you can free yourself to visit the local library or any room in the house with help 's intelligently-made custom mouse phone stand.

The thickness of the stand feels comfortable to work with, letting your wrist and hand rest comfortably without hassle or inconvenience. Achieve unforeseen levels of efficiency using a mouse pad manufactured with your needs in mind. Thinner than almost every soft-cover textbook and sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of daily use, the Mouse Pad & Stand is also the perfect choice for college and high-school students on the go looking to cram before the next big test. Get more studying, reading, and homework done, thanks to a unique and modern device stand that has been custom-built for maximum productivity.

Whatever purpose or setting you find yourself in, the Mouse Pad & Stand can help make sure you're fully prepared to take on any obstacles standing in your way. For moments of recreation or relaxation, you won't need to worry about handling your smartphone or tablet with the utmost care, as the sturdy device stand can be relied on to keep your valuable gadgets firmly in place at all times.

Well-suited for any body type or arm length, the Mouse Pad & Stand is highly adjustable, so you can quickly move it closer or further away as you please. The polished finish of the surface delivers a work area that is pleasant to look at and also inviting to use, creating an enjoyable experience each and every time.

Few products offer the level of versatility found in the Mouse Pad & Stand, and since it has been crafted from start to finish with the user in mind, it's completely up to you to decide how you'll make the most of its abundant features. This empowers the user to incorporate it into their own individual lifestyle, making it a breeze to enjoy during any time of day or for any purpose you can imagine.

There's no limit to the new things you'll find yourself doing with your brand-new Mouse Pad & Stand . Let your creativity and productivity take flight, letting go of the ho-hum limitations presented by bulky desktops and clumsy touchscreens, and bringing your best work with you wherever you roam.