The Lap Desk
The Lap Desk
The Lap Desk

The Lap Desk

An eco-friendly solution to work comfortably anywhere with your laptop and mouse while avoiding neck strain and back pain.
Materials Moso Bamboo, Rubber Fiber
Dimensions 56cm x 28cm x 2cm
Weight 1.6kg

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Laptops are great because they give you the full power of a desktop in a mobile package. However, the one thing every laptop user hates is how hot their computers get after hours of working. Whether you’re watching videos, doing graphic design, or even typing a book or report, your laptop will heat up and get incredibly uncomfortable. Laptop trays have been around for many years, but none of them are as versatile as this lap desk. At 56cm wide, 28cm high, a thickness of 1.5cm and weighing only 1.4kg, this is a large and efficient laptop tray made for almost every laptop table on the market.

Increased Productivity
This lap desk is built for productivity for your busy lifestyle. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also capable of holding a variety of laptops and accessories. You can easily place an 11-inch to a 16-inch laptop. Even 17-inch laptops fit, but they cover part of the mousepad. That’s right, the mousepad here allows you to use your favorite mouse to make navigating the laptop even easier. Almost every user has a smartphone or tablet. Do you want to use this at the same time, or at least get it out of your pocket? You’ll find a slot in the upper right corner made specifically for your mobile tech. This slot can fit any smartphone, even the biggest phablets on the market. Whether you’re an Apple loyalist, a huge Android fan, or use any other brands or systems, your smartphone will fit. It can even fit large tablets. You can fit a 9.7-inch iPad or iPad Pro with ease. There’s even a hole underneath to fit your charging cable. Some people are worried about using a laptop table because they think it only fits their computer. This model basically allows you to bring the whole office with you. You won’t be limited or constrained. In fact, it gives you even more usability, especially if you’re waiting on a train or anywhere else where desks aren’t available. You’ll have adequate room for your laptop, mobile tech, mouse, and anything else you need. It’s the perfect productivity tool, plus it’s simple to carry around.

Built for Comfort
Another reason for using a laptop table is comfort. Placing a laptop on your lap forces you to crane your neck to look down, which can result in neck pain. Do this too long and that pain might last hours after you’re done with your computer. This tray is ergonomic and is extremely comfortable to use. First, it raises the laptop slightly, so you don’t have to crane your neck. Second, the tray has been designed to fit just about anywhere. You may have noticed that this tray doesn’t have a cushion. That’s an intentional design choice because it makes the tray much more ergonomic. You’ll find it can now fit on your bed, in tight seats, on your favorite recliner, and anywhere else. This has been made to ensure that you get maximum usability from the table without any compromises. The bottom is smooth, which feels good against clothes or your bare legs. You might be worried about the tray slipping and sliding, but this won’t happen. Your laptop should be more than enough to keep the tray weighed down and stable, ensuring your computer stays safe.

Natural Cooling
We know you care about the planet. No one wants it trashed, so there’s been a huge movement towards using more sustainable materials. This laptop tray is built to be as friendly as possible as it’s made from Moso bamboo. All bamboo types grow incredibly fast, ensuring that it quickly regenerates after any is taken. On top of that, bamboo is a very hardy material that is strong, durable, and perfect against the high heat of any laptop. This environmentally friendly wood keeps the high temperatures from bothering you, plus there are ventilation holes intentionally placed in the tray to keep your laptop cool. You need good airflow to prevent your laptop from overheating and this is perfect. This means the tray doubles as a laptop cooler, keeping the computer cool and functioning at top efficiency.

While desktops are typically the favorite hardware of gamers, there’s plenty of gaming laptops that allow you to play intensive online games wherever you go. You’ll find this tray ups your gaming performance while keeping your lap nice and cool. These laptops are significantly stronger than conventional ones, which means they produce more heat. How many times have you ended an intense gaming session to find your legs pink or red? This keeps the heat away, plus it gives you a stable surface for your laptop.

Suited for all Age Groups
Family-friendly may not be the words you think of for a laptop tray, but this one is. It’s size and lightweight nature ensures the whole family can use it. It’s small enough for kids who can’t sit at a full desk or pregnant women who might have trouble with a desk. Even grandparents can use this to easily hold laptops as they sit on their favorite recliner. Plus, the tray is so durable that it shouldn’t break under most circumstances.

Key Lapdesk Features
  • - Holds almost every laptop in existence, from 11-inch to 17-inch screens.
  • - Includes a mousepad on the side and a slot for either a smartphone or tablet, plus there’s a hole for a charging cable.
  • - Ventilation holes in the tray ensure the laptop stays nice and cool, but the heat is kept away from your lap.
  • - Large and lightweight design, perfect for the whole family.
If you’re looking to increase your productivity while keeping your lap cool, then this is exactly what you need. Our lap desk is designed to keep your legs from overheating while also cooling the laptop and giving you a stable surface to work. It’s the perfect tool to improve your productivity while making your life much easier.