Our Story

Our Story

The Start

Started in 2018 in London, Urban Hideout® is a French-English brand for the dynamic office worker and the digital nomad. Born out of a passion for inspiring working spaces, smart office accessories and great design, Urban Hideout aims to turn your workspace into a personal oasis.

The People 

Paul is the marketing mind & Sophie the design whiz. We love a healthy, dynamic and stimulating working environment whether we're at our desks or on the move. Our young manufacturing partners are part of the Urban Hideout family as they produce our amazing products with an excellent work ethic and fantastic customer service.

The Mission

We believe one’s productivity is directly influenced by one's environment and comfort. We have always been adamant about finding the perfect working setup: engineering maximum comfort, creating an engaging space, working on the move, efficiently. But we couldn’t always find the items we needed to do that, so we ended up designing and making our own.

The Creation

We love to find new unique ways to improve your working environment. Whether we start with a brand new product idea or an existing one, our creative process takes us through weeks of design iteration, to finally get to the design we love. We then source and select the best manufacturers for each new design across the UK, France and the rest of the world to build a high-quality item at an affordable price.